Second Half of May Acquisitions


Suikoden (PS) – As you probably know, I’m not much for RPGs, but I found this one complete for $15 instead of the more than double it normally goes for! From what I have read about it, it sounds like a game with an interesting narrative and it’s apparently only about 15 hours long.

Resident Evil 4Premium Edition (PS2) – I already have a copy of RE4 on PS2 and I’ve already played it too, but I couldn’t pass up this premium edition version I found. I didn’t know this even existed and I got it for about $12 cheaper than it goes for, plus it had everything and in mint condition.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge (GB) – When I in Columbus with @hartknight and @sonichomeboy we went back to Super Game Team that I first visited last year. While there I picked up a black PS2 memory card and this game, the first of the Mega Man games for the Game Boy.


Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SFC) – I’ve been looking to get the three SFII games for the 16-bit Nintendo system for awhile and I finally have them as Super Famicom versions and all are complete in boxes.

Cyber Core (PCE) & Violent Soldier (PCE) – These are two shmups developed by Alfa System (better known for the Castle Shikigami series) and published by IGS in 1990. They’re decent, but nothing special.

Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion (SFC) – Known as Saturday Night Slammasters in the west, Muscle Bomber is a good wrestling/fighting game that I played back when it originally came out. The sequel was only released in arcades and went the complete fighting game route by putting you on a completely 2D plane with no pinning, just KOs via depleting the opponents energy.

Ryuuko no Ken 2 (SFC) – Known as Art of Fighting 2 in the west, this port didn’t make it outside of Japan, unlike the port of the first game. During my brief time testing this game out I found it very difficult to pull off special moves, almost as if it was as bad as the original Street Fighter!

Rockman X (SFC) – A game that needs no introduction and that is one of the best in the entire Mega Man series history!

Assault Suit Valken (SFC) – Known as Cybernator in the west, most westerners probably think Konami had something to do with it’s development, but they didn’t. Konami only localized and published it outside of Japan, but the actual devs were NCS and original publisher Masaya, best known for their large output on the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16. (The duo also brought the Cho Aniki series into in being!) This is a sidescrolling mech action game and a pretty good one to boot!



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