Cool Stuff From E3

I’m going to skip over any talk about the press conferences because not only has everyone else already posted blogs on the topic, but I feel there’s way too much importance put on them almost as if that’s all E3 is. The things I get most excited about at E3 each year are usually announcements made outside of the press conferences. Without further adieu, here are the small handful of things I was most excited about from E3.

Dragon’s Crown (PS3, PSV)
VanillaWare, creators of Princess Crown (SAT, PSP), Odin Sphere (PS2), GrimGrimoire (PS2), and most recently Muramasa (Wii), are back for a new action RPG with online multiplayer (up to 4 players) with their trademark beautiful visuals. It’s sure to be a treat and the defacto surprise game for me at E3 this year.

Starhawk (PS3)
Warhawk was my 2007 Game of the Year and my favorite shooter this generation and this game is the follow-up to that. Starhawk could have just been “Warhawk in space” and I would probably love it, but they are going beyond that and adding new concepts to the gameplay and even a single-player campaign too. The last thing anyone needs is another Modern Warfare wannabe and Starhawk looks to be anything but!

Street Fighter x Tekken (PS3, X360, PSV)
At first I thought this game was going to kinda be Street Fighter 4 with Tekken characters included, but seeing much more gameplay at E3 showed me that it’s quite a bit different. It has a real-time tag system and works a lot like Tekken Tag Tournament, but on a 2D plane with a big emphasis on juggle combos. This game looks to be hella fun!

King of Fighters XIII (PS3, X360)
With SNK Playmore being a developer that has fallen on tough times yet again it seemed like King of Fighters XIII wasn’t ever going to get a home release at all. Thanks to Atlus this entry in the long running King of Fighters series will be seeing a release in North America!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3)
I enjoyed playing the first two Sly games on PS2 and look forward to playing Sly 3 later this year to finish out the PS2 Sly series. An early look at this new one makes it seem like it’ll be another solid game in the series.

PlayStation Vita price point
The fact that Sony announced their next portable system at the same price point that the 3DS currently sits at is easily the best decision they have made in awhile! This should mean we’ll have some real competition between these two systems for years to come because price isn’t what you’ll be looking at this time. The differentiation in the hardware and software lineups will determine what you prefer and that’s a win for everybody!

Wii U controller
Unlike the waggle wands and other assorted motion controllers of the current generation, I am genuinely intrigued by what this controller could offer for gameplay. It looked neat and still has what are mostly normal controls on it as well. I’m not saying I will definitely get a Wii U, but unlike Nintendo systems of the past 15 years, this is one system I will certainly consider along with the next Sony and Microsoft consoles. Congratulations Nintendo for finally making a controller since the SNES days that doesn’t make me want to vomit.

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