End of May, Early June Acquisitions

In late May @hartknight and I went back to Columbus for some more game store hunting. First place was Game Core where I bought an Xbox game and then had to return it immediately because they didn’t have the correct game disc for the case that was on the shelf. The game I wanted was Far Cry Instincts: Evolution, but the game disc they had was for Far Cry Instincts. They’re big sticklers for detail, you can tell. >_> So after we left the friend hangout claiming to be a game store we took a drive over to our next destination, Capital Games. This place had an emphasis on trading card games like Magic and a good amount of anime DVDs in addition to video games. I picked up Mega Man X8 and Sol Divide while there. After that we tried to go to a place called Trading Zone, but it was permanently closed with only the sign still there. After that bust we went back to the same Play N Trade location we visited last year and I picked up Art of Fighting, Stunt Race FX, and Super Robot Taisen W.


Mega Man X8 (PS2) – I picked this up because it was cheap and I remember hearing it being the least terrible of the PS2 Mega Man X games. Flimsy reasons, ahoy!

Mushihime-sama (PS2) – Thanks to a YouTube user named Dankss, who recently picked up some Cave arcade boards, I was reintroduced to the greatness of Cave and decided to pick up one I didn’t have for the PS2.

Art of Fighting (SNES) – After showing off my acquisition of the port of Art of Fighting 2 to the SNES two blogs ago, I ended up also getting the port of the first game too just for the hell of it since it’s so common and cheap. My link sends you straight to the fight with Mr. Big because I love the music on that stage for the SNES version. It’s so much better than the Neo-Geo version and a lot different too.

Stunt Race FX (SNES) – Back in the spring of 1994 my family took a trip to the northwest of the U.S. and while we were in Seattle I requested to go to Redmond to visit Nintendo since I knew it was close by and I was a big fan of theirs back then. (My how times have changed.) My parents tried to get a tour of the place, but they were renovating at the time of the visit so all I really got to do was try out this game on a kiosk. I can’t remember if I owned it later that year when it came out or if I just rented it, but it’s a fun little racing game where the cars have eyes. STOP LOOKING AT ME, CAR!

Tekken 6 (PSP) – I found this at a local Best Buy for only $12 so I thought, why not? After playing it a good amount the last week or so I can say this is every bit as good as the previous PSP Tekken game, but it is a little light on modes so if you care about that then perhaps this one isn’t for you.

Sol Divide (PS) – A unique shmup with a traditional fantasy setting, Sol Divide was originally released for arcades in 1997 and got home ports on the Saturn and PlayStation in Japan a year later, but this game didn’t come here until 2002. Contrary to the linked video’s title, this game is far from a gem. Probably one of Psikyo’s worst shmup efforts in large part because your hitbox is so large that it is nearly impossible at times to dodge enemy fire. I got it for only $3 so I don’t feel like it was a waste, but if you want to play a good Psikyo shmup, try a Gunbird game or one of the Strikers 1945 games.

Super Robot Taisen W (DS) – I wouldn’t have gone out of my way for this, but since I found it while in Columbus I picked it up since I enjoyed the two localized GBA SRT Original Generation games.



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