A Few New Pickups & More Review Quickies


Half-Minute Hero (PSP) – I enjoyed the demo of this unique take on the JRPG genre enough to pick it up.

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage (PS3) – Found this for a third of its original retail price. It’s a Dynasty Warriors spinoff based on the anime/manga of the same name. I love the license so I’ll give it a shot, but I’m expecting the borefest these types of games usually provide.

Ape Escape (PS) – Some years ago I played Ape Escape 3, which was my first experience with the series and I enjoyed it a lot, so here’s for trying out the first game.

Point Blank 2 (PS) – This fills in the middle spot of the three Point Blank games in my collection. They’re fun light gun shooters, especially with friends!

NOTE: I have switched to a 6-point rating system instead of the 5-point system I used to use. I felt like I needed a tad bit more room for denoting the quality of a game. Example: Under my old system both Doom 3 and Far Cry Instincts (both are FPSs released in 2005 for Xbox) would have gotten a 4 out of 5, but I felt Doom 3 was significantly better enough over FCI that I felt my old system didn’t have the space to accurately rate these two games, as well as many others. Under this new system Doom 3 gets a 5 out of 6, while FCI gets a 4 out of 6.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (PS2)
+ core platforming gameplay is still good
+ ability to play as a number of characters outside of the main three is fun
– too much of a reliance on non-platforming minigames of many different types for the sake of variety
– still too long and overstays its welcome just like Sly 2

I was pretty tired of the Sly formula by the end of this one. The series needs a less-is-more approach at this point.

RATING: 4 out of 6 / 7.0 out of 10

Far Cry Instincts (XB)
+ shooting is fairly good, but nothing special
+ feral abilities are useful and fun, especially feral speed
– being stealthy doesn’t work well much of the time
– escort mission near the end of the game is super dumb

I don’t know what most reviewers at the time of this game’s release were thinking. Jason Ocampo gave this a 9.2 here on Gamespot. It’s a good game, but nothing about it comes off as particularly special. Doom 3 came out the same year on the same system and it was notably better than this.

RATING: 4 out of 6 / 7.0 out of 10



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