Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Happy belated new year, everyone! It is I, Usagi, back at ya in brand-spankin’ new 2012 to lay down on ya my list of Most Anticipated Games for 2012! This list is in no particular order other than alphabetical.


The only thing that really needs to be said here is that it’s a game being developed by Platinum Games and should be enough. They make the best freakin’ action games nowadays with nary a competitor in sight. Apparently this one will be focused on some kind of multiplayer shenanigans. I still reserve some skepticism for how well that’ll work, but I have trust in Platinum to make a great, balls-to-the-wall multiplayer action game.


One of bigger surprises in 2009 was Borderlands. It was effectively Diablo as an FPS and it worked really well. All I need for Borderlands 2 is just more and better of everything that made the original so great, so just bring on the loot so we can put Duke Nukem Forever behind us and enjoy a good Gearbox game again.


While I played many FPSes with multiplayer before Counter-Strike, CS was one of the first I actively played online. I always really liked CS for its compact feel with maps that were never very large so you never felt you had to travel far to get into the action. Hopefully CS: GO will have the soul of CS with something new up its sleeve.


Effectively being a beat-’em-up with RPG elements (a la Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons arcade games), this was bound to pique my interest. It’ll support up to 4 players online simultaneously via the PS3 and/or PS Vita and sounds like a good time!


Yet another badass looking action game by Platinum, but this time I play as Raiden in a spinoff of the Metal Gear Solid series? Sign me up!


One of my favorite arcade style sports series of all time looks to be making a huge comeback with all of the over-the-top greatness of the series’ first three games. I can’t wait!


My favorite game of 2007, Warhawk, was one awesome and varied online shooter. I’m glad to see that Starhawk is going to be much more than simply a “Warhawk 2” with a sci-fi setting.


I am one who really likes the more crazy fighters that allow more freedom with strategy and combos that chain combo systems allow which is part of why I selected Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as my fighting game of the year for 2011. This particular crossover is one I never expected to see since it’s not completely obvious how to mesh a 2D fighting series with a 3D fighting series as still retain elements that are unique to both. It seems from all I’ve seen of SFxT that they have done just that. I hope it lives up to my expectations!


I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Twisted Metal series having only really gotten into Twisted Metal 2 with some play time put into a few others. This new revamp seems to be taking the already crazy multiplayer of the series and making it much more of a focus this time around. It looks crazy yet awesome!


Of course, we gotta end this list with a new upcoming entry in one of my favorite game series. This time Kiryu and gang are back in a spinoff against zombies or some s**t. Yeah, I’m not so sure about the zombie stuff, but hopefully it’ll be good regardless. I can’t be all that bummed by the premise since Ryuji Goda, one of the antagonists from Yakuza 2, is back! Being my favorite villain of the series, it’s great that he’ll not only be in the game, but also as a playable character with a freakin’ gatling gun as one of his arms! That’s badass!