Understand the Concept of Love


Amplitude (PS2) – I’ve had Frequency for quite awhile now so I decided to get the follow-up to it for the hell of it when I saw it.

Jet Set Radio Future (XB) – I’ve had this game for some time now since I already have it in the bundle that also includes Sega GT 2002, but once I saw the standalone version for the first time while looking around I had to have it anyway.

Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 (PS) – An interesting non-Sony published car combat game by the same company that originally created Twisted Metal.

Bushido Blade 2 (PS) – I played the original Bushido Blade back when it came out, but ended up never playing this sequel released about a year later. I’ve heard it isn’t as good as the first, but I’ll be the judge of that.

Earth Defense Force (SNES) – A solid looking shmup from Jaleco on a system that is known for not having very much in the way of said genre.

Tecmo Classic Arcade (XB) – This is the only Tecmo arcade compilation out there if I’m not mistaken and it isn’t particularly good, especially since it only has 11 games on it. The standout title in this collection is a little shmup most people probably haven’t heard of: Raiga: Strato Fighter.

Virtua Fighter 4 (PS2) – While this is a somewhat pointless re-purchase for me since I’ve played it back when it originally came out and have had the upgrade, Evolution, for a long time. My reasoning is that it was only a few dollars, so yeah, there’s that. And the unique A.I. Training mode, yeah, that’s it.


PlayStation 2 Red Labels Eradicated From Collection (& other acquisitions)


Deus Ex: Invisible War (XB) – I picked this up because I had some store credit on Glyde after I got a refund from that horribly conditioned “new” copy of Guitar Hero III that I returned. I would have gotten the first Deus Ex, but there weren’t any copies listed for sale so I went for a super cheap sealed copy of the sequel. I definitely won’t be playing this until after getting and playing the original, so don’t you Deus Ex fans worry about me jumping ahead.

Thunder Force VI (PS2) – I enjoyed Thunder Force IV and V so much last year that I decided to pick up another in the series. I’ve heard this one is disappointing because of how easy it is, but I didn’t find TFIV or V to be all that difficult anyway so, uh, whatever!

Street Fighter EX2 Plus (PS) – After have the original EX for many years, I finally decided to get the sequel thanks to a certain speed runner known as SRKfunkdoc when he streamed an EX3 session. Speaking of EX3, I still need to get that one.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (PS2) – As the title of this blog post states, this game (and the one following this one) is a game I replaced in favor of a non-Greatest Hits label.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (PS2) – In order to get this game as a black label original version, I had to import the Japanese version since North America never received the game this way.


Rock Band (PS3), Rock Band 2 (PS3), Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2), Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2), Guitar Hero 5 (PS2), Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2) – As I’ve stated in previous blog posts, these games are all very cheap to come by nowadays so I picked up a lot of them within the last few months. I’ve already played though a few of these listed here and those quick reviews can be seen in my previous blog.