PlayStation 2 Red Labels Eradicated From Collection (& other acquisitions)


Deus Ex: Invisible War (XB) – I picked this up because I had some store credit on Glyde after I got a refund from that horribly conditioned “new” copy of Guitar Hero III that I returned. I would have gotten the first Deus Ex, but there weren’t any copies listed for sale so I went for a super cheap sealed copy of the sequel. I definitely won’t be playing this until after getting and playing the original, so don’t you Deus Ex fans worry about me jumping ahead.

Thunder Force VI (PS2) – I enjoyed Thunder Force IV and V so much last year that I decided to pick up another in the series. I’ve heard this one is disappointing because of how easy it is, but I didn’t find TFIV or V to be all that difficult anyway so, uh, whatever!

Street Fighter EX2 Plus (PS) – After have the original EX for many years, I finally decided to get the sequel thanks to a certain speed runner known as SRKfunkdoc when he streamed an EX3 session. Speaking of EX3, I still need to get that one.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (PS2) – As the title of this blog post states, this game (and the one following this one) is a game I replaced in favor of a non-Greatest Hits label.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (PS2) – In order to get this game as a black label original version, I had to import the Japanese version since North America never received the game this way.


Rock Band (PS3), Rock Band 2 (PS3), Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2), Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2), Guitar Hero 5 (PS2), Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2) – As I’ve stated in previous blog posts, these games are all very cheap to come by nowadays so I picked up a lot of them within the last few months. I’ve already played though a few of these listed here and those quick reviews can be seen in my previous blog.


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