Top 10 Games of the 7th Generation So Far



Batman: Arkham Asylum
Great mix of combat, stealth, and use of gadgets together with awesome vocal performances.

Crazy awesome shit always happening with the best combat ever! The pinnacle of action games from the pinnacle of action games developer, Platinum.

Burnout Paradise
Everything great about Burnout 3, but minus the dumb crash mode and put into an open world with fantastic multiplayer.

Demon’s Souls
An action RPG with all of the customization you could want married to great methodical combat and unique multiplayer functionality.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
I’ve tried getting into the Metal Gear series a number of times in my life, but it always felt like the controls were lacking too much. For whatever reason I took another chance on the series with MGS4 and it was everything that’s great about the series, but with controls that worked really well.

Mirror’s Edge
Wonderful first-person platforming that gets even better in subsequent playthroughs.

Street Fighter IV
As fantastic as any version of SFIV is, the initial return of the king’s true significance is that it resurrected fighters in a big way and paved the way for some fighting games we never would have seen without its success.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Speaking of a fighting game that wouldn’t have existed without the success of SFIV. Crazy, over-the-top action that’s just as fun as it is insane.

A fast, fun, and unique take on the overexposed shooter genre that only Platinum could bring us.

A surprisingly awesome and varied multiplayer shooter experience that I loved a lot more than I ever expected.


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