The Wii U Has Arrived



The day has finally arrived and I picked up a Wii U. The route in which I decided to go to acquire the system was to order a refurbished 32GB unit directly from Nintendo. I did this because I really wanted to pay as little as possible while still getting a nice Wii U unit. This led to me having to pay only $200 for what ended up being a pristine conditioned unit. With the Wii U my only reason for getting one was Bayonetta 2. Because of this and other reasons I will not be making this a system I get all that much for.


4 thoughts on “The Wii U Has Arrived

  1. Wonderful 101. Do it. Friends tell me it’s crazier than Bayonetta during the end-game in terms of sheer insanity.

    • I’m still not gonna play anything on it any time soon as I have plans for other games at the moment: Shinobi (PS2) right now and Forever Kingdom (PS2) in tandem with @Rivalshadex. I’ve waited this long, I’m not in any hurry.

    • Nintendo won’t come out with a Wii U with acceptable internal storage all because of their idiotic reasoning that they gave the consumer “choice” by not including a sizable hard drive because you can connect an external USB hard drive to one of the USB ports.

      In conclusion: Nintendo gave Wii U owners the choice of very little fast internal storage or large amounts of slow external storage (their USB ports are only 2.0).

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