My Top Games of E3 2015

Star Fox Zero
I haven’t played a Star Fox game since the N64 entry and seeing as I have my first non-portable Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo, I was interested in this since it was initially announced some time ago. This year’s E3 revealed that PlatinumGames is largely responsible for development which has me excited, but there’s one massive caveat that could very well make this purchase not happen: tablet controller motion control. If this crap is forced on me with no regular controller option then I absolutely will not buy this game. I watched the GameSpot stage demo for this game and near the end the GameSpot editor asked the Nintendo representative if they will include support for the Wii U Pro Controller. The Nintendo rep’s answer was “TBD.” What the fuck? TBD?! To be determined?! Why? Never have I ever heard such a thing as controller support be held as some sort of secret before. I’m pretty much convinced that the real answer is “Nope.” If my expectation comes true, fuck this game.

Final Fantasy VII
Not a lot to say here except that the trailer looked very nice visually. I’ll be very interested in what they change regarding the goings-on in the narrative and/or the gameplay system, which I hope they do because I’m not all that interested in playing the exact same game again with higher visual fidelity.

The new trailer for Ninja Theory’s next game looks intriguing, but without gameplay, there’s not much to get out of it. I’ve enjoyed NT’s other games so I expect this one’ll be good too, but still need to see more.

Nier 2
Another trailer that only really announced the existence of the next Nier game. I haven’t played the first game, but it always looked interesting to me and with PlatinumGames on development duty for this, I will be very likely to play this one.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
The gameplay within the trailer for Horizon looked quite good and is a huge departure from Guerrilla’s previous decade of nothing but Killzone games. I’m very much looking forward to it.

The Last Guardian
We finally received more info about this game’s existence and a tentative release year of 2016. I’m a big fan of ICO and less so of Shadow of the Colossus and this game seems to bring things over from both of Ueda’s previous games which makes me excited.

Nothing revolutionary looking here, but who cares? It’s Doom going back to its roots with badass guns and lots of blood and gore. Looks good to me!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
I enjoyed the first two Uncharted games, but I felt I had my fill and skipped 3 and Golden Abyss. Uncharted 4 looks to get me back into the series thanks to being on new hardware.

Street Fighter V
E3 revealed that Cammy and Birdie will return, the latter of which hasn’t been seen for 16 years since Street Fighter Alpha 3. The game is looking like it is coming along quite nicely. The new V-Gauge allows for making the fighters a good deal different from each other with each of them having their own small mechanics with each one’s V-Skills and V-Triggers. Even some of the returning characters have a lot of new normals as well which should make for exciting new takes on old fighters. Very much looking forward to this!

Dark Souls III
More Souls, more awesomes! Enough said!

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
I’m one that really loved the first Mirror’s Edge, warts and all. This followup looks to address the issues in ways that make sense within the context of these games without feeling forced. Add to that the great idea of making it a bigger, more open world-ish experience and I think we have a bona fide classic.

Transformers: Devastation
This is the third PlatinumGames developed title appearing on my list! This time it’s an action game using the G1 Transformers license and it looks pretty damn great. I’m not what you’d call a Transformers fan, but I can let that slide for another good Platinum action game.

Tearaway: Unfolded
The original Tearaway is one of the under appreciated PS Vita’s best original games. Now Media Molecule is making a followup on the PS4. Sold!


5 thoughts on “My Top Games of E3 2015

  1. I think you’ve seen my blog on this so for the games we both mentioned we’re on par with each other for the most part. The exceptions would be 1 – I’ve having trouble getting hyped for the Last Guardian, and 2 – I don’t really have must interest in the Uncharted series.

    I just mentioned on Twitter that I learned about Hellblade yesterday, and I agree with you. What I’ve played from Ninja Theory has been solid so far, so it’s worth it to be interested in their new title, but we haven’t really seen much of it yet so it’s still in the keep-an-eye-on-it stage as opposed to the hyped-up stage.

    As for Neir, I remember seeing the case show up on shelves every now and then, but tended to ignore it. With Platinum on for the sequel, maybe I’ll give the first one a shot if I can find a cheap copy. It really does feel like it’s going to be the Year of Platinum!

  2. Star Fox Zero: That’s my main concern as well. I’d rather see them go the Splatoon route in allowing more traditional aiming as a control option; or at least use the Pro controller instead.

    NieR Project: I blame game journalist’s reviews of the original release for “encouraging” me not to buy it seeing it was high on my list that year. Thanks to stripesonfire in 2012, I ordered a copy ($15 USD at the time) on Amazon and regretted not experiencing this under-appreciated AJRPG beforehand. Another Platinum-developed title I’m most looking forward to.

    Dark Souls III: Nice reference btw, lol. My recent excitement has been at odds lately due to the fact from what I’ve read regarding the closed door demo, Miyazaki seemed to dodge all mention of Dark Souls 2 when questions came about. My views on the community since that game’s release changed due to their toxicity going into overdrive. I may take a brief hiatus on all-things Souls until then.

    Other games I’m interested in (besides the ones you mentioned): Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Xenoblade X, Federation Force, Unravel, No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Cuphead, Tacoma, Beyond Eyes, Firewatch, Shape of the World, Salt & Sanctuary, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Soma, to name a few. *heh*

    • As I have mentioned in the past, I could be convinced into Xenoblade X provided the co-op is of the main game and there’s enough people who’ll play.

  3. My excitement mostly concerns an almost release date for The Last Guardian. I’ve needed that for a long time and info just hasn’t been there for a long time. I gotta have it!

    Dark Souls 3 goes without saying, Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories, and Soma are the others. Not a whole lot, but there were plenty of games that I’ll probably end up getting like Mirror’s Edge, Blood Bowl 2, and Enter the Gungeon… And the Destiny expansion, The Taken King.

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