PlayStation 20th Anniversary–my recollection


It’s been a crazy 20 years since the original PlayStation launched on September 9th, 1995 in North America. I can’t believe I’ve never strayed from the brand when it came to being my main go-to gaming destination. Sony has definitely made some mistakes over the two decades it has been in the gaming business, but nothing has been so bad for me to prefer one of their competitors more. I feel like they’ve always mostly gotten it right and because of that I have stuck with them. After all this time, PlayStation is something that can’t help but feel like something special to me, even more than Nintendo which I held in high regard for nearly a decade before PlayStation. I may have started with Atari and the 2600, but that was after the crash of 1983 when it wasn’t in its prime anymore and was the only Atari system I ever played. When Nintendo came onto the scene in 1985 in North America, it was a revelation. I think I got into the NES at Christmas 1987 or 1988. It was a fantastic system that I enjoyed until Christmas 1992 (Game Boy came during my birthday in 1991). After that it was Super Nintendo up through most of 1995 with a brief flirt with the TurboGrafx-16 starting in November 1993. By the time 1995 came around I was ready to willing to jump to the next generation. At the time I was against Sega in a fanboy way so I dismissed the Saturn up front and thanks, in part, to the arcade version of Killer Instinct claiming it was coming to the then named Nintendo Ultra 64, I was fully hyped for Nintendo’s next system. Me getting a Nintendo 64 never came to pass and neither did the first KI to said system. The reason was mainly the fact that Nintendo’s new system was delayed not once, but twice. I was so ready to get the next generation in my hands that I was now considering a PlayStation. Seeing as how Sony wasn’t in the gaming hardware business before this system, I didn’t have any fanboy angst for them unlike I did with Sega. Once I found out that the N64’s second delay pushed the release back to September 1996, it was over, the decision was made for me, I’m getting a PlayStation. November 1995 came around and I was fresh at my first ever job and with my first paycheck, I bought a PlayStation and a copy of Tekken from a local store called Video Game Exchange. For Christmas 1995 I received NBA In The Zone. Both games blew me away at the time. The Future of Gaming™ had arrived. Shortly into 1996 my brother and I were enjoying the likes of Destruction Derby, Battle Arena Toshinden, Street Fighter Alpha, Mortal Kombat 3, Street Fighter: The Movie, College Slam, Doom, and Loaded. Some of those are better than others, but it was an exciting, fresh start in gaming. Hats off to PlayStation! Here’s to many more years of greatness!

Here’s my PlayStation collection:

PlayStation Year One: The Launch Lineup