Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Gravity Rush Remastered
I only recently played the original Gravity Rush release on PS Vita and enjoyed it a lot, but I feel the game will be much more playable on a large screen with a regular controller.

Mighty No. 9
It’ll be interesting to see how this game manages to turn out considering how delayed its release has been and how prolific of a crowdfunded game it was.

Street Fighter V
I’m very interested to find out how the fairly major tweaks to most of the classic returning characters pans out and to see what potential surprises there will be with brand new fighters.

Dark Souls III
One of my favorite new series of games from last generation, this one is potentially looking to be a combination of the best things from all the previous games along with whatever new surprises there will be. I can’t wait!

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir
This game was kinda difficult to like the first time around on PlayStation 2. Hopefully this new version’s changes will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
ME is one of my top ten games of last generation and the new mechanics I’ve read about should complement the parkour action really well.

I enjoyed Doom 3 a lot more than I thought I would, but let’s be honest, it’s really doesn’t play like a Doom game. The new Doom looked satisfyingly brutal and seems to play like Doom should play.

The Last Guardian
ICO is my favorite of the Team ICO games and this one seems to be like ICO and not like Shadow of the Colossus which is perfectly fine to me.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games has really only been making Killzone games for the last decade they’re largely decent, but nothing particularly special. Horizon looks very promising and instantly impressed when they first showed it off at E3 last year.

Yakuza 0
I lost it when this game was announced for localization at PSX in December. I’m always pessimistic when it comes to further localizations of the Yakuza series so I am very happy this is coming over.


4 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Games of 2016

  1. If the changes to the new version of Odin Sphere includes a less annoying wizard boss, which made me quit playing an otherwise lovely game, then I’m all in.

    I really hope the new Doom plays and feels, like you said, it’s supposed to, but maybe with some nice modern touches.

  2. You may have already seen that I’m with you on Doom and Mirror’s Edge. I wish I was there for The Last Gaurdian, and it would be great if my excitement for it came back, but that spark fizzled out for me a while ago and I’m having trouble getting it back. I hadn’t been paying attention to Horizon, but since you mentioned it I looked up some game-play videos and it may be one I’ll have to keep an eye on.

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