The Most Valuable Video Games in My Collection: NES / Famicom Edition

This is going to be a new series of posts over time where I look into my video game collection of nearly 1,000 games to find which ones are worth the most on each platform I collect for. I will only list games that are worth $40 or more on the secondary market.

First platform up is the NES/Famicom. I mostly collect the Famicom side of things and play my NES carts on an A/V Famicom through a converter. All of the games in this list are cart only.

Akumajou Densetsu
This is the Japanese version of Castlevania III. It’s sought after mainly for the added sound chip this version has that no NES cart game has and for the better balanced difficulty. The chip gives the already great music an even better sound.

Another popular Konami game, but this one has added background animation and cutscenes not present in the NES version.

Crisis Force
An 8-bit Nintendo exclusive to Japan, this is a Konami shump with fantastic visuals and gameplay.

A parody shmup of Compile’s own Zanac and one of my top favorite shmups of the 8-bit era. Compile knew how to make ’em back in the day!

Kick Master
A Japanese developed (KID) and published (Taito) platform/action game that ended up being exclusive to the NES in North America. I picked this up for $15.

Power Blade
Based on a Famicom game called Power Blazer, but completely redesigned to not suck, this was only released in North America and Europe and is a great action/platformer!

Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Another great action/platformer that was originally based on a tokusatsu series and later was ported to the NES as Shatterhand with some redesigned sprites, but is still the same awesome game.