The Most Valuable Video Games in My Collection: PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Edition

This series of posts is where I look into my video game collection of about 1,000 games to find which ones are worth the most on each platform I collect for. I will only list games that are worth $40 or more on the secondary market.

This time the platform on hand is the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 I mostly collect the PC Engine side of things because there’s a much larger selection of games in Japan for this system and they’re usually more affordable. All of the games in this list are complete in box.

悪魔城ドラキュラX 血の輪廻
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo
This is the Japanese version of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. It’s sought after mainly for being one of the best Castlevania games ever released and the fact that it was never released outside of Japan until 2007 on PSP as part of the game’s 3D polygonal remake. It’s also available on the original Wii’s Virtual Console.

Gate of Thunder 4-in-1
This is the only TurboGrafx-16 release I own because I picked it up for $25 which is a great price for the four games included on the CD: Gate of Thunder, Bonk’s Adventure, Bonk’s Revenge, and Bomberman. All of these are great games which makes this disc a great value. It was originally released as a pack-in with the TurboDuo combined version of the system that has HuCard and CD support in one unit.

Cho Aniki
A long running series of largely bad games with homoerotic overtones that are usually shoot-’em-ups. This is the very first of those games and I found it to be much less weird that all the games that came after and also decently enjoyable in spite of the craziness. The soundtrack is also very strange, but pretty good.

Devil Crash
Known in the west as Devil’s Crush, this is the second game in the Crush pinball series, the first of which was Alien Crush. It’s a fantastic demonic themed pinball game with a great soundtrack and is available on Wii Virtual Console.

Down Load and Down Load 2
both are $40
A shoot-’em-up series I haven’t played yet that was developed by Alfa System. They’re probably best known for the Castle Shikigami series and most recently developed Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines for PlayStation Vita in 2014.

Also known as Blazing Lazers, this is yet another great shoot-’em-up on a system with a lot of them. This is one of many great ones developed by Compile.

Saigo no Nindou
Action platforming magnificence developed by Irem. Arguably better than the arcade version.

Seirei Senshi Spriggan
Shoot-’em-up by Compile, but not as good as a lot of their other output.

Soldier Blade
The third game in the Soldier series of shoot-’em-ups on the PC Engine by Hudson Soft.

An excellent port of the horror themed side-scrolling action game by Namco.

Summer Carnival ’92: Alzadick and Summer Carnival ’93: Nexzr Special
$55 and $90 respectively
Two caravan style tournament shoot-’em-ups by Naxat Soft that were inspired heavily by Hudson’s own Soldier series.

Super Star Soldier
Speaking of Hudson’s Soldier series, here’s the first one to hit the PC Engine.

Violent Soldier
No, this is not a Hudson Soldier series game, but rather another Alfa System developed shoot-’em-up that has more in common with R-Type. It was called Sinistron in the U.S.

Winds of Thunder
Known as Lords of Thunder in the U.S., this is easily one of my top ten favorite shoot-’em-ups ever. Get it on Wii Virtual Console or Sega CD too!


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