The Most Valuable Video Games in My Collection: PlayStation 2 Edition

This series of posts is where I look into my video game collection of over 1,000 games to find which ones are worth the most on each platform I collect for. I will only list games that are worth $40 or more on the secondary market.

This time the platform on hand is the Sony PlayStation 2, the greatest game system of all-time. All of the games in this list are complete in box.

ADK Tamashii
ADK was a prominent third-party developer on the NeoGeo in the 1990s. This title collects five of their NeoGeo games: Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Master’s, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, and Twinkle Star Sprites.

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia
The value for this game is of the special edition version that included the art book.

One of only four shmups developed by CAVE for the PlayStation 2. This is one of my favorites.

北斗の拳 ~審判の双蒼星 拳豪列伝~
Hokuto no Ken: Shinban no Sou-Sousei Kengou Retsuden
One of the rare good games using the Fist of the North Star license. This one is an Arc System Works developed fighting game, creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.

Another one of CAVE’s four games on PlayStation 2. This is easily the most rare and pricey of the bunch and this port is the only home release of Ibara to date.

The King of Fighters 02/03
While The King of Fighters 2002 and 2003 were released separately in Japan, when SNK brought ’em here a little later they did us a solid and put both discs in the same box. Fantastic ports of two great games in the legendary KOF series.

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match – 闘劇 Ver.
The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match – Tougeki Ver.
Speaking of KOF 2002, there was a remake of the game with new characters, backgrounds, etc., made for arcade and PS2. A year or less later they released this slightly rebalanced version named for the now defunct Tougeki – Super Battle Opera tournament series that ran for nearly 10 years in Japan.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
The very popular fourth installment to the Vs. Series developed by Capcom, this, the Xbox, and Dreamcast versions went for a good deal of money for some time. Surprisingly the value of the PS2 version has only dropped about $15 from its average after MvC2’s re-release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Mega Man X8
Still the last game in the Mega Man X series to date. Maybe some day Capcom will actually want to make Mega Man games again, but right now they seem only interested in cameos and merchandise.

Metal Slug Anthology
While I am not much of a fan of the Metal Slug series, I still have great respect for it regarding technical artistry involved with the presentation. This compilation includes Metal Slugs 1-6 and X.

The third of the four CAVE shmups made for PS2. This is the one I have lost the most money on in value since I purchased it as it’s worth about half of what I payed. Part of that drop has to be the recent-ish port to PC within the last year that actually came to the west.

Samurai Shodown Anthology
A fantastic collection of the entire mainline Samurai Shodown series minus Samurai Shodown V Special.

新・豪血寺一族 煩悩解放
Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou
This is mainly an upgrade to Matrimelee from the NeoGeo and includes a few new fighters and definitely my favorite of the Power Instinct series.

Shooting Love. ~Trizeal~
Extremely small Japanese shmup developer Triangle Service has been around a quite some time producing visually unimpressive, but totally replayable shoot-’em-ups. In their 14 years of existence they’ve only produced about a half-dozen new games, a few of which made it to PC in the last year here in the west, namely XIIZeal and ΔZeal.

Sol Divide & Dragon Blaze
A now very pricey compilation of two Psikyo developed shmups. I think most people want this mainly for Dragon Blaze because Sol Divide isn’t that good and it’s very cheaply available on the PSone in the U.S. for only a few dollars.

Steambot Chronicles
A quirky JRPG with a sandbox world kind of design made by Irem.

Yakuza 2
This version on disc is still the only way to play one of the best games in one of the best on-going series in the last decade for westerners.

翼神 GigaWing Generations
Yokushin: GigaWing Generations
Developed by Takumi, best known for the Giga Wing series and Mars Matrix. This game is effectively a combination of the two aforementioned games.