Most Anticipated Games of the 2nd Half of 2017

After not hearing anything about this game since last E3, Matterfall finally showed back up this year with a release date of August 15th. This will make 2017 a two-game year for Housemarque as Nex Machina comes out in a week from this posting.

Yakuza: Kiwami
It’ll be fun to finally experience the first game’s story with fleshed out details and the Japanese voice acting that was missing from the original release. I think if there’s anything I might have a problem with, it will be the Majima Everywhere system. Apparently only by fighting Majima can you upgrade Kiryu’s original fighting style which means most of this game will be like playing Yakuza 0 with Yakuza 1’s story.

Senko no Ronde 2
One of the few Xbox 360 games I played when I had the system was the original Senko no Ronde when it was released stateside in 2007. It was an enjoyable shmup/fighter hybrid that was really hard to find competition online. I mostly ran into Japanese players that were still playing it.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
Despite Capcom’s woes of late which I feel are largely way overblown, I am looking forward to a reworked MvC that goes back to 2v2 of the earlier games in the series.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
While I haven’t touched my copy of MachineGames’ first Wolfenstein yet, I’ve always enjoyed the series overall and have played all the previous games. I expect I will be down for this one once I play The New Order.

I participated in the Windjammers beta this past week and now I am more excited than ever to throw down in the final release later this year!


4 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Games of the 2nd Half of 2017

  1. Matterfall looks great, but also too hectic for my liking, I think.

    I am interested in Kiwami. I still have not delved into the world of Yakuza yet, but do plan on getting around to it some day.

    I enjoyed the New Order a lot, so I am interested in The New Colossus as well.

    There’s also the new Shadow of the Colossus I may pick up, given how much I love that game.

    I know Star Wars isn’t your thing, but I am interested in the new Battlefront game now that there appears to be a solid campaign mode coming along with. Lack of one had me pass on the previous installment.

    There’s also the new Spider-man game… I mean, I love Insomniac, but based on what I skimmed through in the new game-play footage I don’t see a lot of innovation. One of the things I loved about Shattered Dimensions was the new take on game-play, and I don’t feel we’ve seen enough of that yet. This looks like it will be a fairly standard S-M game as far as game-play goes, but with Insomniac at the helm I expect it will play and feel much better than The Amazing Spider-man 2 did. I just wish I was more excited for it.

    • If the Shadow of the Colossus remake was coming out this year, I would have put it on my list for sure.

      Battlefront II looks good. I can admit that even though I don’t care for its license.

      Spider-Man is also on my list, but once again, it is a 2018 game so it is not on this list.

      • Oh right: 2018. I forgot for a minute there that it was a thing. Not paying attention I guess. 🙂 I also forgot to mention that I’m interested in Hellblade, which I think is set for an Aug release. To bad it’s digital only though. Maybe Limited Run will jump on that at some point.

        • I was surprised when I found out Hellblade was digital only. A Limited Run disc release would be very welcome, but something about that doesn’t seem likely to happen to me.

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